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Live life on your own terms

Gift of life is the most priceless and celebrated gift of a human being. From inception to death expedition of our life is enthralling . Sometimes the road ahead is even ,unsteady, stormy but what matters is the final destination. It is unreasonable to judge life on the basis of  materialistic possession. If materialistic possession… Continue reading Live life on your own terms

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Life in Pandemic

  The initial nationwide lockdown was cheered as a sustainable move to curb the spread of corona virus. It did help control the initial spread but was equally responsible for restructuring the new normal of our lives. The pandemic added with the lockdown has affected different strata’s of life but it has not necessarily impacted… Continue reading Life in Pandemic

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Unemployed Graduates

Every toddler commences with schooling at an age prescribed and said for kinder-garden.  Modest or fancy schooling is determined by family income. Overall majority of the kids make it to the and a bulk also gets through high school where as many make it to college We provide education and make every effort to reach… Continue reading Unemployed Graduates

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Prepping Your Meals In Advance

We all have been guilty of eating junk food because we were either too lazy, tired or out of time to make fresh food. Even though eating healthy forms an essential part of who we are we end up compromising on it. And we do so because the entire process of cooking meals is very… Continue reading Prepping Your Meals In Advance

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Take care of your Mental Health

Often a mild stomach ache, an erupting cavity, excruciating repeated headaches takes us to the doctor’s clinic. But we often sway the idea of visiting a doctor when we feel numb. The idea to talk about our mental health scares us like anything. Not only depression but eating disorder, anxiety, addiction, OCD all form part… Continue reading Take care of your Mental Health