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Loaf of Bread

I have always been a cat person. For some reason dogs always seemed less attractive and more dirty. But my disliking didn't last too long. It was mid of August in the year 2016. The rain had finally spared me my Sunday after washing away three in a row. Being an outdoor person I wanted… Continue reading Loaf of Bread

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Why have a Planner??

How about you make a detailed mental plan and forget what exactly it was? Does work sometimes feel chaotic and overwhelming? Does the clutter of to do list in your head press the panic button? You don’t have to worry because the perfect solution to your chaos is an organiser of your tasks. Getting a… Continue reading Why have a Planner??

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Live life on your own terms

Gift of life is the most priceless and celebrated gift of a human being. From inception to death expedition of our life is enthralling . Sometimes the road ahead is even ,unsteady, stormy but what matters is the final destination. It is unreasonable to judge life on the basis of  materialistic possession. If materialistic possession… Continue reading Live life on your own terms