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Stringent laws against animal abuse

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Every other day a heart wrenching audio –visual clip of a stray animal surfaces and gets viral on the internet. Our heart yelps, we forward it to every other name in our contact list but once we are done with our daily dose of smart phone usage we forget about the sufferings of a stray animal. We also don’t fail to curse the evil person for the wrong doing but fail not to be the replica of evil person either.

How difficult is it not to hate animals if not love them? It is often common to hear, ‘They are stray and wild. If we don’t pelt a stone at them they might bite us’. What makes anybody think that? Being animal lover or not abusing animals, mistreating them, kicking a sleeping animal, pouring hot boiling water or running your car over because you were running late doesn’t justify your inhuman behaviour towards someone who is trying to survive on scraps and pieces. Possessing wealth, your status, gender or your age doesn’t entitle you to cause harm to voiceless creatures. We have laws laid down to protect animals but sadly in a country where it takes so long for humans to get justice there seems little hope for them.

To prevent this abuse it is important to educate the masses about mannerism of dealing with animals. Not all stray animals are bound to attack. It is pretty obvious that they might be scared and growl in fear or bark at you. Remember that they are just trying to be defensive as you try to, by picking up a stick or a stone. They will attack only if you provoke them to, which happens when you confuse them with your alarmed body language.  A stick or stone will just keep them on their toes to pounce at you.

Secondly dare to stop if somebody is being aggressively violent towards them. It takes courage to be their voice and mess around with humans, especially the ones who walk with phony pride and wealth at their every footstep. It will put you in your neighbours or peoples bad books but its okay rather than walking with regret of doing nothing.

And lastly if things do get out of hand approach the right authorities to deal with the situation, if you are a little timid to walk to register a complaint. Might not be your business but standing up might cut off wrongly presumed self-worth of the wrong doer.

We talk out and about but no one really cares for the stray. One video, one message gains attention but on ground nothing really transpires  in their favour. It is time that we stand up before some nut head kills another puppy, cracks open their head by hitting them with a stone, pours paint or boiling water and gets away with their wrong doing because he is just another arrogant human and the victim is voiceless four legged.




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