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Pacing life chasing death

At the blink of eye the morning alarm rings and yet another time for an additional day sleep looses above targets, deadlines and submissions. This is not factual on work front but in every respect of our lives. Our morning commences with a cloud of fret, stress and anxiousness. Trace of contentment, delight and livelihood… Continue reading Pacing life chasing death



This five letter word literally pulls strength out of each being in existence in human form. A sneeze here and blood there makes us pace at doctors clinic even though even the superior human can delay the call but not stop our encounter. We arnt careful with regards to are health on most of the… Continue reading Death


Fortified the Feeble

With grace of god we today lucratively complete one year. Span of three sixty five days that revolutionized my life perpetually and I hope optimistically will persist with flourishing incline. A year where I discovered my level of budding, I exploited the reserve unused from the day I incepted, a year that authenticated my hard… Continue reading Fortified the Feeble