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Unemployed Graduates


Every toddler commences with schooling at an age prescribed and said for kinder-garden.  Modest or fancy schooling is determined by family income. Overall majority of the kids make it to the and a bulk also gets through high school where as many make it to college

We provide education and make every effort to reach out to the needy by ensuring it is affordable and easily available. But is the quality of education imparted worthy enough to help a student secure a job? Do the graduate with the skills needed to work ? Or are we just churning out degrees on a piece of paper ?

Most colleges focus on marks which students gain by cramming and without gaining knowledge or skill needed to perform the job. The youth that graduates every single year fails to secure good jobs. They are either incompetent, poorly paid or there aren’t enough job opportunities to help hire them. What is the whole point of higher education if it won’t help graduates sustain in this big bad world?

Why can’t we upgrade our teaching standards which will help enhance campus recruitment’s  and ensure that our the graduates aren’t left unemployed. Their horizon of opportunities will increase. Also the government needs to establish minimum wage payment system  in the private sector. This will ensure that the employees aren’t exploited and receive what is due to them. 

We need to scan every upcoming educational  institution in order to ensure that it contributes towards betterment of child’s future and not stagnate it. It isn’t vital to collect degrees from educational institutions and it is not worth to do so ,if at the end you aren’t be able to reap the benefits out of the education you attain. We need to channelize the educated youth towards betterment and secured future.


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