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Live life on your own terms


Gift of life is the most priceless and celebrated gift of a human being. From inception to death expedition of our life is enthralling . Sometimes the road ahead is even ,unsteady, stormy but what matters is the final destination. It is unreasonable to judge life on the basis of  materialistic possession. If materialistic possession ruins or even remotely affects our sanity than it is not worth having. Every individual irrespective of his status, accomplishments or standing in life considers life being unfair to them ,at some point. The reason is unexplained ,and conclusion can’t be drawn as fair and unfair are subjective terms. From infancy a child is told that life is cruel and unfair and fittest for the strong. It is true ,but is it true completely? The reply is no. It might be cruel but not unfair. It is we who make it unjust ,because of pride ,ego and self importance

We consider life unfair. Why ??Is it because of bad  experiences, never ending hardships, lack of achievements or want of wealth. Whatever may be the reason but life is fair to every human being ,you get at least one chance to prove the worth of your existence. It depends on how we exploit the chance presented to us. Lack of deployment of the resources at hand may make us feel worthless and we end up with the blame game ,shifting the charge to destiny ,bad luck, providence and a lot of other supplementary effects. Our individual outlook to our lives concludes it being fair or not.

Never ever regret a decision that you make. Life is too short to live with  regrets. Take pride in failure as you do with success. A decision is never correct or wrong. Circumstances and opportunities change the meaning of your decision and believe it is always for the better.

Never take society too seriously. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is  your level of satisfaction and content. People will find faults, pinpoint mistakes but never applaud your success the manner they boo your failure. Stop justifying and focus on what you want to achieve.

Take risk .Don’t be at mercy of your boss. Make yourself successful enough so that you are not accountable to anybody. Envision your life and make it true so that you don’t have  to follow anybody’s  else’s rules. Define them for yourself. It’s not worth getting up in the morning to go to a workplace that you dread. Do what you love and desire the most. Be  your creator.

Stop following the crowd. Becoming a doctor or engineer doesn’t prove your intellect. Don’t make them benchmarks just because society gives importance to it more than any other field. Assess what you really want to do. It’s important for you to come close to your morality. It doesn’t matter if people don’t respect, respect yourself when no one does. Work hard enough and let the society gape at your success and commemorate it. Don’t beg for respect earn by doing what you desire .Walk where your heart tells you. It is difficult to battle with parents society but if you do it , for the rest of your life you will be your king. Never give up on your prized dreams.

When you want to live your dream ensure you don’t neglect responsibility. When you take decision to break free you will need to fund your dream. Till you reach your peak point you will require to support yourself financially. At  that time remember that phase is temporary and will you will pass through it soon.

Keep learning. Education doesn’t mean collecting degrees from universities. They in fact are not worthy if it snatches your happiness. Learn from your past experiences, from kids, society. Learn skill, sport that you desired. Do it ,stop thinking of age family. They  matter but you matter more than they do. Stop thinking of family and live for yourself. You will be much happier and keep the rest happy as well.

Stop treating god as a broacher to choose from. If one god doesn’t fulfill your demand you switch on to another. And you call yourself a devote?? Seriously!!. Trust him. He will let things unfold at the right time. Visiting temples, fasting and hosting poojas won’t solve anything. Work hard and strive instead of wasting time. He will be much satisfied with your efforts than the wealth you bestowed upon him .Trust god not the pundits, they are human as we are. Remove the blindfold.

Failure is not the end of life. It is just a hindrance that makes us stronger and capable to face storms in life ,preparing us for our bright future. It’s unfortunate that we are incapable of handling failure. We regret it .We feel like being the worst thing in existence. The pressure to live up to societies expectations makes things inferior. For example we still can’t handle a divorce. Is it not better to part away than live together in unhappiness? Is  it worth being sucked up in a relation that has possibly no future. May be you will move out as a better person. You might fall in love again. Things will be less complex and more sorted if we look at things in positive manner.

We as individuals have a goal in life. It’s good to have one. It decides the purpose of your existence. But failure to achieve it ,or diversification from the  laid down plan does not make life unfair. You don’t have to label you self as a loser. Plans change and they change for the better. Life gives you a chance to assess what you really want to do. It gives you an opportunity to decide what you really desire. Your goals may not be appealing to the society. They are yours so they should be appealing to you. If plans don’t work out the way you wanted ,no matter what age you are evaluate what you really want  now. Not what your parent wants, not what your spouse expects, not for your kids ,its for you. Be fair to you self than life will be fair to you. It’s your life. You are the one who makes it or brakes it. Don’t live it for anybody else. Be your own creator . Don’t care what others think about your dream .It’s yours. Protect them ,nurture them. It will take time ,test your patience ,break you, will be painful but when you accomplish it will be the best thing that has ever happened.

Life might make you choose a path different from what you decided. That doesn’t term you as a failure or looser. You have just changed the track for better prospects. Believe it.


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