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Take care of your Mental Health

sparkler-677774_960_720Often a mild stomach ache, an erupting cavity, excruciating repeated headaches takes us to the doctor’s clinic. But we often sway the idea of visiting a doctor when we feel numb. The idea to talk about our mental health scares us like anything. Not only depression but eating disorder, anxiety, addiction, OCD all form part of the loop of mental health which we are concerned about but are absolutely not ready to get help for. 

In recent times a lot has been spoken about being depressed. Many eminent people have come forward and have opened about the dark times of their lives. But despite the media attention and awareness of metal health troubles, it hasn’t quiet been able to wipe away the stigma attached to it.

Educated or not everyone feels the pinch when they got to admit that they don’t feel the pain nor the bliss and have gone absolutely numb.  And even the once who do admit are hesitant to undergo treatment. They feel they can overcome the so termed phase of depression.

First of all depression isn’t a phase. It is a health condition like any other which needs supervision, medical care and help. So if you think time will automatically heal you then you better think once again. Secondly it doesn’t matter how tough one mentally is, because remember that you need help irrespectively. Mental toughness is not a shield which will kill depression before it even hits you. So stop being in denial and be aware of what you feel, think and how you act. Thirdly it won’t get cured with time so don’t postpone your appointment with a trustworthy doctor and instead hunt for one. The early you get help the less you might suffer. Fourthly don’t Google the cure because mere information doesn’t resolve health issues. Many websites claim that good sleep, healthy living, proper exercise and food intake will help you get over the bout of depression. Remember that it won’t. The routine will give some body to your day to day functioning but it won’t pull you out from  being depressed. Lastly being happy and leading a very prosperous luxurious life doesn’t count you out from being mentally ill. It can happen to anybody, irrespective of age and gender. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge the symptoms. Remember it is better to accept then simply deny.

Even if you are not at the receiving end be a little a considerate and empathetic to the once undergoing mental health troubles. Your harsh words and mocking might enclose them in the dark. They aren’t any different then you and me. They are simply suffering from a temporary ailment which needs care and attention. Also don’t stress too much on their sickness. Most people prefer not to be bothered or talk about their treatment. Don’t do anything which will make them feel uncomfortable and ashamed. This is your time to be a trustworthy friend, a good colleague, a caring relative or just a good citizen.

Good mental health is the essence of good life. So take proper care, if needed also get reliable help.


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