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Loaf of Bread

I have always been a cat person. For some reason dogs always seemed less attractive and more dirty. But my disliking didn't last too long. It was mid of August in the year 2016. The rain had finally spared me my Sunday after washing away three in a row. Being an outdoor person I wanted… Continue reading Loaf of Bread


The Cursed Mango Tree

I vigorously shook the old, rusty and heavy metal gate open with my sweaty tired palms. And like every single time when I unlatched it, a corner in my brain whispered ‘This gate is twenty years old, as old as you are’. I rolled my neck back and forth before I pushed the very same… Continue reading The Cursed Mango Tree

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You are beautiful

Soft rays of light woke up Rama. He sluggishly opened his eyes, stretched his arms, pushed his blanket to the edge of the bed and got on his shaky old feet with the help of his old man’s stick. His blurry sight strained to find his glasses, which were seating on his bedside table. Spectacles… Continue reading You are beautiful