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Why having breakfast is important

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Mornings are the most chaotic hours in every household. You can be single, married or a parent with kids, its just the same for everyone. Morning rush spares nobody. But often the rush to get on time for work,  to finish the chores, to take your pet for a walk, to make in time for the yoga class or the hurry to drop the child at the bus stop leaves you with no time for a healthy nutritious breakfast. We often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nevertheless we fail to get a bite in the mornings. It somehow gets sidelined in midst of morning chaos.

So why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

  • The word ‘Breakfast’ is combination of two words. ‘Break’ and ‘Fast’. In simple words it means breaking the twelve hour fast since the last day of the meal that is dinner and the next morning. Having a filling breakfast fuels your body and helps it function better.
  • A filling start in the morning will keep focused at work or at school until your next meal. A smoothie bowl or oatmeal or may be even eggs can help you get through couple of hours at work or school or college without getting bothered by your rumbling tummy.
  • A nutritious breakfast helps maintain your body weight. Filled tummy wont get excited to binge on junk or eat out of proportion. This will help maintain ideal body weight.
  • Taking out some extra time to make breakfast and have it can also be your ‘me time’ only if you choose not to scroll though social media. Being able to focus on you thoughts every morning can help you plan and execute the rest of your activities better.
  • A healthy breakfast has proven to improve concentration levels.  Which means you will be able to work more efficiently and effectively. Which means a good morning meal can help you improve your work performance.

Overall a nutritious breakfast is way effective than having a fulfilling dinner.  

Thank You 

Have  a good day.


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