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Minimalism (Part 1- What is minimalism and what are its benefits)


Whenever I refer to the term minimalism I often receive backlash from people. The criticism is probably because of lack of awareness and knowledge of the concept of minimalism. Even though the concept has gained some popularity in recent past, it is surrounded with misconceptions. The most important reason why people detest the idea is because they lack awareness and the word itself makes them feel threatened.

In simple words Minimalism is living a hassle-free life. It doesn’t mean denying yourself or living like a pauper. It just means you spend mindfully; it can be money or your time and energy. It forces you to have clarity, introspect and make an informed decision instead of doing what is expected or doing what everybody else is doing. Possessing only the essentials is just a small part of being minimalist. In fact letting go materialistic possessions which have no purpose or relevance in your operational life relives you from sense of anxiety and pressure. In return you have more time, energy, better finances and space to utilise which serves your purpose than otherwise.

So why be a minimalist? How is it going to simplify and enrich your life?

  • First and foremost it will reduce your burden of doing chores

Owning too much materialistic stuff demands time and attention in order to ensure it maintenance. That expensive home decor, your silk rug, carpeted floor, fancy dinner set, leather jacket and many such possessions drain your energy instead of letting you enjoy and focus on what is important to you. Why have that expensive dinner set for your guests where as cheap plastic one for you to have dinner in? Would you want to spend your weekend vacuuming your floor carpet or instead would want to do something that will nourish your soul?

  • Clarity

Decluttering reduces your options and thus saves you from confusion.  Mental de-clutter helps you focus on important tasks at hand than get bothered by complete irrelevant things thus helping you make an informed decision. You can also save some time by uninstalling apps which serves you no value but drain your minutes. Having too many choices can surprisingly be exhausting. The point is not to deny yourself from anything, it is to have fewer relevant choices than flooding with irrelevant ones.

  • Generates less waste

When you consume as per your need you generate less waste. Indirectly this contributes towards preserving and protecting the earth. Your little indirect contribution helps reduce the burden of mother nature.

  • Invest in what is important to you

As a minimalist you mindfully invest your time, money and energy you get to invest more of it where you truly want to. Which means instead of splashing out cash at a sale you mind put aside of a trip you always wanted to or buy something meaningful or start a business you had once drawn the blueprint of. Minimalism lifestyle will also channelize your time. You will be surprised to see how many things you can accomplish and learn with the time you have, once which you spent on the internet scrolling mindlessly.

  • Sense of contentment

When you opt for minimal lifestyle you automatically let go the sense of wanting to possess better than your colleague or relatives. The want is replaced with need and it is truly satisfying to live life without the burden of wanting please people.

  • Make money

When you decide to downsize you can sell the stuff at various websites and make some money. Your precious seating items may increase the inflow of your reserves.

Minimalism is very flexible. You do not have to follow a person and instead do what suits you. Find out what you want, figure out a suitable way and get going.


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