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Loaf of Bread


I have always been a cat person. For some reason dogs always seemed less attractive and more dirty. But my disliking didn’t last too long. It was mid of August in the year 2016. The rain had finally spared me my Sunday after washing away three in a row. Being an outdoor person I wanted to do something adventurous but when you have a lazy cat like mine you have to settle for just a walk in lawns, especially if you don’t want to leave them all alone. So I did just that.

Within in five minutes of our so called outdoor walk my cat lost interest watching the only pigeon which was seating on my neighbours roof and instead decided to goof off in the garage, whereas I continued with my lazy walk.  But unexpectedly a chilling squeak dropped my breath and caught my attention. I immediately sprinted to locate my cat but instead I spotted a puppy behind our old living door which was now seating besides our garage wall. The pup was half the size of my cat but I was still a little scared. I didn’t know what to do besides holding the leash of my cat who was now hissing at the pup.

When I stepped away to avoid any clashes between my daredevil and the puppy I discovered that the pup was not all alone. Right outside my gate stood 7 more pups and a mother dog. With shaky feet I walked inside my house.

I was way to coward to pat or feed them or even for that matter adore them. Nevertheless even after passage of an hour’s time I just couldn’t stop thinking about them. I was restless yet a little concerned. So I peeped through my window. The dog family was still there. I mindlessly grabbed two chapatis, divided them into tiny bites and from a distance flung them over the main gate of the house before I timidly ran indoors to save my life. Once inside I eagerly sneaked through the back of my curtains. The dogs were happily feasting on my scarce meal.

This was just the beginning to my daily routine of feeding 9 dogs. From that Sunday onwards every single evening the gang of nine waited to be fed outside our gate with wiggling tales. It was almost as if the dogs and me had unspoken, unsaid association. I didn’t mind sparing one meal in a day in return for wet licks and wiggling tales. I wasn’t used to being encircled with pups, those wet licks and tale wiggles but eventually I did get.

At the end of the feeding session they always seemed happy irrespective of whatever I fed them. From rice to bread to biscuits, as long as I showed up everyday with some food they didn’t care. Months went by and this routine continued. Gradually my fear got nullified with dog love but thanks to my parents  and our bossy cat they we’re never allowed inside the gates. 

One evening I fed them like usual, picked up the plates, latched the gates until the mommy dog fiercely showed up. I figured out that she had something in her mouth and all the puppies were trying their best to grab it but she just refused to let it go. After lot of growling, resistance and effort she took the longest jump I had ever seen a dog take ,over our fence and got inside. She dropped whatever she had in her mouth near my feet and with that same speed and gusto jumped over the fence and got out. She had brought a loaf of stale bread which was as  hard as a brick and had left it at my feet. I stood perplexed in the yard while she stood with wiggling her tail.


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