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Why have a Planner??


How about you make a detailed mental plan and forget what exactly it was? Does work sometimes feel chaotic and overwhelming? Does the clutter of to do list in your head press the panic button?

You don’t have to worry because the perfect solution to your chaos is an organiser of your tasks. Getting a planner and obviously using it can help reduce your stress level and sort your tasks. It can ever categorise important and not so important items on your to do lits, thus helping you prioritise your work.

List down your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals give you a perspective of what you want to do. It defines your goal. A planner is almost like having a blueprint of what you want to do. This sorts your life and adds value. It ensure  that your time is equally distributed in between the tasks you have set up for yourself.

But the right way to use a planner is not to clutter it too much. Keep your goals clear. When you pen down your goals make sure they are realistic and achievable in the span of your time you have set it up for.

In order to organise your goals you don’t need to invest in expensive planners. A simple DIY or free pintable’s will to the job.

I have attached PDF of basic planners. If interested, please do check them out. When you click on the blue text a link will show up. Click On the link to download the planner.

Monthly Planners 2018   (Planners for SEP, OCT, NOV, DEC)

To Do List    (Basic To Do List)


2 thoughts on “Why have a Planner??”

  1. Nice post… I wanted to just ask, if you could have a pic too so that I can just know what I want. The link goes to Google drive, and I generally don’t open such stuff.. I have had problems before

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