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It’s all because I am a girl……………………..


Life has made me question about my existence being born in a gender that is sadly exploited by the society. I never got a chance to choose my sexual category, but I was proud to be born as a girl.  As I ascended  the ladders ,the reality made me question about my subsistence as a girl. With progression in years fantasy I lived in has been wrecked. The unfairness on the basis of gender seems to shoddily affect my survival. Regretfully tears have dried, rage has lost its life, and the battle seemed to be lost.

It’s sad but true girl faces unfairness on a daily basis against the so considered superior gender that of a man. The degree of prejudice varies in society depending on various factors. Ranging from educational qualification, the wealth possessed, the achievements on professional front, and many more bigotry to count. They celebrate femininity on various days, be it daughter’s day or mother’s day, sisters day and many more.  But the celebration lasts only for few hours. They shout slogans, make movies ,write books but nothing transforms  ill treatment of a girl. In reality every girl suffers from the ailment of injustice.

From the time a girl is born she is expected to conduct herself in a certain way appealing to the society. This is irrespective of the social standing of the family she is born into. She is expected to know the household chores and is projected to be the pillar behind the family. Why can’t she take the charge and operate from the front?

Why should a girl stop enjoying her life because boys don’t have control over his desires and wants. Why is a guy chatting with 10 girls considered friendly and trustworthy whereas if a girl chats with 10 guys she is considered a slut. Instead of lecturing girls about their character ,inculcate values in your son.

She is expected to raise kids and look after the family single handedly .Do they think it is a combo of nanny and maid for free.? Is a girl married to cook ,clean and look after kids and  his parents free of cost . There is no harm looking after parents of the spouse if they respect her the manner in which they respect their son. And for the companion is she a tool to take out his fury when he wants to relive his stress and satisfy his craving for sex

It further continues at work place irrespective where you work  and who you work for. Man is always paid superior sum than the women colleague in almost every profession that exists. If she is tremendous in her work she is bullied and reminded her place by the so called man. Success of a women is unbearable by the men. The society further continues to add to the disgrace by gossiping around.

\Why is marriage a deadline for her dreams? She is told to reconsider her decision if she wants to pursue carrier in artistic or sports field .Why is she told to take up a 9 to 5 secured job rather than a excelling in field of her choice that brings joy to her??

Every discussion is ended by informing, ‘YOU ARE A GIRL”. I know I am one. That doesn’t mean I have boundaries set by you   which I should live by.  Why are my wings being cut off  or tied just because I am a girl.  Why can’t I fly  without any dos and don’ts. Why am I  told how to dress up. What I should wear. If I walk  wearing a dress above my knew length or wears shorts why do I get stares in a public place. Why can’t I  be me. Why am I told what I  should do and not. I respects my parents,  love  them but that doesn’t mean I  should live the way they want . I have a life that I   wish to live my way. Why am I always reminded of getting married and going to my husband place. I know I will that shouldn’t stop me from living my life freely.

I am a girl who wants to live her life on my terms. I respect my culture values and my parents but I want to subsist my existence on my own stipulations.  I want my space. Why am I judged?? I have a right to live my life on my terms. Why are there pre defined rules for me?. I want to define my own lines and limits. I want to breath freedom. Why am I being caged.? I want to progress in my life the way I would like to . I may fail I may face harshest things. I don’t want your sympathy. You either support me to be strong or leave me . I am strong enough to rebuild the shattered life. If I can face this cruel society I can built my life . I can nurture my dreams. I know it will be painful, it will take time but I know I will reach at my destination. I want my space instead of being stormed with questions. I would like to pursue my dreams and accomplish them. I want to take my own decisions. It doesn’t matter if they go wrong. But they will be mine and always remain. I won’t regret so you don’t have to either on my behalf. It’s okay if my dreams take time to blossom but when they do you will gape at them with your mouth open. I would be happy if you encourage me instead of disparaging. Respect me. Love me and I will return love to you  thousand fold times.

Give a girl a chance to live her life. Trust her. Parents she is your upbringing ,have faith and trust in the values you inculcated in her. Brothers protect her rather than commanding on her. Husbands, boyfriends respect her as you do of you mother and in-laws . Care for her, pamper her, shower love on her ,appreciate her. She might make mistakes but  remember you also do. Hold her hand and help her correct them. In-laws welcome the addition in your family with love and grace. All the mother-in-laws out there remember even you had your first time, now its hers.

Let the girl feel proud for being born into this gender. Let her live her life the fullest rather than letting her regret being born a girl. The more you try to impose restrictions the more she will try to break them. Trust your child. She won’t do any harm or bring your name down. She respects’ you so you do the same. Let her be proud being born as a girl rather than feeling burdened about it.

Girls live your life. More than the societal pressure it’s important that you be happy mentally. Try being independent. Earn self respect, you don’t have to bow to anybody.  Make yourself so strong that you guard your own honor

Make this a better place for women.


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