Clarifying the misconceptions of having a Vision Board

IMG_20180821_120420~2The other day when I walked into my friend’s bedroom I was taken aback. She had filled almost every inch of her bedroom wall with random cut-outs and pictures. When I inquired she said that the wall was inspired from the idea of having a vision board which she was taught at a motivational class, which she was taking to cope with unfortunate incidents and loss. I was in a little shock when she further elaborated.

My dear fried hadn’t quiet grasped the idea of having a vision board. She said that staring at images of life which she desired to live will help her achieve it. It would have helped but only if she was willing to work for those dreams and not just stare. When I left her place I realized that many other people like her probably also had misconceptions as to how a vision board works. Even though I am not an expert in this area I definitely know one thing that staring at your dreams don’t make them come true.

Vision boards typically hold pictures and images of your life goals, your desires, your dreams, your wants etc. It is almost like a collage of your handwritten bucket list. It is usually hung up on walls, ceilings, closet doors or anywhere it is repeatedly visible. It is tool used to get a step closer to live the life of your dreams.

 A glance at the vision board will cheer you up, it will subconsciously motivate you, help you have a positive outlook, overtime it might also help you evolve your goals  but will it help you achieve them by mere gaping at them? No, it definitely won’t. Because a vision board isn’t your self-fulfilling shopping cart which manifests dreams magically and free of hard-work. Repeated glancing and positive thinking will help you not to sway  away  from your dreams but it also wont make them come true.

Pasting pictures on a piece of board makes clear the things that you want to  own, earn and aspire. It resolves the conflict of what you have to work for in your life. Those eye-catching images are a constant reminder of the goals you have set for yourself. It is a pretty handy self-motivating tool.  But remember you will accomplish the goals set only if you work consistently and passionately to achieve them.

It is really important to have goals in life and it is even better to put them down in written or picture form. But remember if you only wish for them and not work to achieve them then your goals might just remain limited to being in picture form.


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