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Don’t let Social Media Rule Your Life


How often in mere twenty four hours do you scroll through your social media feeds? Not often?  Isn’t it the first thing you possibly do as you rub your eyes and wake yourself every morning? No? And who do you think you are lying to? It’s the first thing and very thing people do when they wake up and go to bed. Social media wave has swept the normalcy of our lives and there seems no turning back anytime soon. And it’s not just the younger lot which seems to be addicted as even the adults appear to be equally engaged.

Indeed it is one of quickest and the most economical way of sharing information, selling products, providing entertainment across ethnicities. It has also been responsible for flourishing the unknown artists by giving them a platform and rewarding their work which otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Thanks to this very platform many got to exploit the luxury of working from the comfort of their own houses. But like everything this too has its own set of consequences when used irresponsibly.

Apart from sharing information swiftly, online content plays the game of views and the not the authenticity of the content itself. This means that what you see is not exactly what you get. It is almost like good marketing of a not so genuine product which in return attracts customers irrespectively. Good thumbnail sells you the story and you spend endless minutes scrolling through them. Cent percent of the times the story has nothing to do with what it promises to say.

It is also responsible for developing competitive envious behaviour. The picture perfect life portrayed seems farfetched yet desirable. People go to extreme levels to click the right the picture and edit the same to make it look enviable. Some even update the slightest details of their lives to hundreds of strangers online just in return for some praise. The online façade does attract a lot of attention but it also creates unhealthy sense of competition for nothingness. It feeds the attention seeking hunger of humans.

As crucial as it seems and as desirable as it appears it isn’t if it is consuming your time and energy from the ones around you, if it is getting in between where you are and where you want to be, if it is responsible for belittling your families worth in front of thousand likes, if it validates your life. Life has more to offer than getting lost in endless group chats, insta-stories and re-tweets.  

Remember that social media is a just a platform with wider reach. Your life won’t come to a standstill if you don’t consume everything that it has to offer or if you don’t keep abreast with the latest posts and your worthiness isn’t determined with likes, views and shares. So stop wasting your energy on keeping tab of other peoples life. You don’t have to completely deny yourself from using it but also don’t let it handicap you. Use it well and responsibly but don’t abuse.


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