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Effectively Managing Twenty Four Hours

IMG_20180821_180941_HHT~2Time is the only resource which is equally distributed to mankind. No matter how much wealth you possess or means you lack it remains uniform for all. But what distinguishes a successful person from an unsuccessful is how smartly he consumes the time he has. Managing this restricted resource can sometimes be a little challenging especially in this competitive and demanding world.

There is no right or wrong way to use the 24hours one has. But there is definitely a smart way to get a lot more done with the finite time that we all have. The very first step to utilizing your time wisely is to know exactly what you want to do with the time that you have. So step one is to list all the things you want to accomplish or get done on a particular day. This list can include work appointments, house chores that one needs to do, a doctors visit, a zumba class, the movie you plan to watch or even a family function. Anything that needs your time for the day will get featured in this list.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the clutter on your to do list because the next step is to classify the tasks in your list as urgent or not. This step can be the game changer and rule how you spend the time that you have. Prioritizing the tasks that you list can help you get done a lot more than you think. Also don’t be afraid to postpone certain things in order to cut the chaos.

The third step will surely lessen your burden. Try to delegate the less important tasks to a reliable people be it at work or home. Hire a house help, let your kids do their share of chores, share your responsibilities with your spouse, show trusts in your employees by letting them do some of your duties which don’t need your supervision or authorization. The goal of sharing responsibilities is to lessen your burden and not complete escape from work.

Fourth step is to allocate fixed time for every task you need to do. Be careful when you do so, so that you don’t waste your time neither do you have very little to complete the task. Time allocation will allow you to count your unused minutes and squeeze in some more work instead of wasting any time.

Lastly remember to spare some minutes for leisure so that you don’t get tired or overworked. The balance is crucial to keep the consistency of effectively managing your time. Some quality time with yourself or with your family, a stroll at the nearest park will lighten your mood and help you work better. Small breaks break the monotony of the day and ensure that you don’t get worked-up easily but also remember to responsibly get back to work as soon as  your scheduled break is over. Above all remember not to stress too much on the things which are not in your control. Plan well, plan ahead.




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