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Clinging on

Amongst past, present and future humans seem to favor past. Not because they want to walk down the memory lane and cherish the good old days. It is because they like to hold incidents, people, circumstances, misfortunes to get away with our current situation and thus begin the blame game of past. And this happens mostly when things don’t turn the way they desire them to, when life punches them hard to the floor, when finishing line seems close enough yet achievable.  Nobody wants to be held accountable and claim their faults or worship the truth of disaster.

Clinging on to some unfortunate episodes soothes our inner burn but does it really solve our problem? It might conceal the truth for a few days but it wont wipe out the real happening. In fact the tussle between present situation and past occurrence will cause mental conflict which will hinder our working ability.

To avoid the conflict one requires to move forward leaving the past in its place and adopt to present way of living. This will let one focus on their lives in a better way then they would have with one leg in past and other dangling to stay present. Life  moves on irrespective of what you decide to do choose. Every phase is temporary, which means even your happiness. So instead of recalling the unpleasant episodes give positivity a chance. I am sure it will improve your life a thousand fold.



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