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New Career Choices

Have you ever spotted a person randomly walking with a camera attached to a mini tripod and talk gazing at itself in the screen? Or a person next to your table in a restaurant zoom in and out, the laid food from every possible angle with their cameras! Or ever been victim to public pranks? Or wondered why these kids make videos about their weird behaving cats?? No! They are possibly not wasting time and probably not cashing out any money either. They might be making money though. Yes you read it right!

Doctors and engineers as a career option is a first choice of every parent. But if your child isn’t one or if they don’t want to be one then it doesn’t make them good for nothing. They might have other, better interests and it is very crucial that you get to know about them. Popularity of internet usage has also opened up career choices. Something you might never heard of, something which doesn’t ensure pay check on every first day of the month, something you don’t understand how, why or what for but something which had gained popularity and drifted attention from mainstream jobs. And if you work to your fullest potential there is money, a lot of it actually.

Bloggers, vloggers, youtubers, short film makers, stand-up comedians, make-up artists, chefs, young entertainers, you just name it! Internet has provided them platform to share their skills and make money. All you have to do is make and share meaningful and entertaining content and reach out to the right type of audience who is willing to watch, read and hear your content.

Among numerous platforms YouTube is the popular one. Everybody is welcomed here. You can be a housewife or a doctor or just a kid  it doesn’t matter. You can Vlog, make comedy videos, upload make up tutorial or educational videos, technical stuff. There is no confinement to a certain type of content. Type of content you want to make is up to you. Some make their content for their YouTube channels while others use the channels to sell the product that they have. It’s all up to a person how they use their respective YouTube Channels.

Other medium of making money is by writing a blog, monetising social media pages, having your online store, publishing online books etc. The deeper you search the more options and opportunities you will find. There is no end to this.

The only way to make a successful career online is by being creative and being with the time. One needs to be updated and well informed when making content. There is something new that comes about every other day and something that goes obsolete as well. There is no mad competition, nobody is in your way. All that you need is to put in the hard work and create something out of nothing. There multiple options and opportunities. If one wishes to enter the online community than you need to do it whole heartedly.


1 thought on “New Career Choices”

  1. Great post! I agree that there is definitely money to be made as a blogger, blogger, makeup artist, Instagram model etc. However, I’m sure it’s also very difficult to become well-known enough to make a decent living from this. Many people aspire to become rich and famous from their social media sites, but some of them just never take off or gain the attention needed to be a knockout success. Unfortunately, not everyone can reach this goal. What advice would you give to someone who wants to make a living in this way but can’t?


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