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Why having some ‘Me Time’ crucial…


I am sure you are manly or rock solid enough not to need self-introspection and some lonely time. Probably people boosts your mood and your family activates you to work hard, think out of box and hustle to make it through the race.But what if you step out from the race for a few minutes not because you are a looser, just so that you calm your buzzing self down and direct your energy in the direction it truly needs to be invested in.  No, this doesn’t make you selfish because its just okay to be your own priority.

We are all so occupied working to please our boss, hustling to earn more than our counterparts, working so that our families live with every possible comfort but through this process we forget ourselves. We forget our comfort, our needs, our importance. No matter how much you do for the other it will never be suffice, but a little for yourself will rejuvenate you to work better in long run.

Taking out me time need not be once in a while episode. In fact it should be done way often and as often as you possibly can. Allocated time shouldn’t be substituted with anything unless you are dealing with life and death situation. Its really not worth complaining if people treat you as a mere option because you are doing no better than that person.

Take out some time every day,even if its for five minutes because it really helps. Its okay if you can shell out few minutes late in the night, in the mornings or even in the evenings. As long as you can do it daily, it doesn’t really matter. This time you could be sipping on you cup of coffee, exercising or doing absolutely nothing. As long as you do it alone and your activity doesn’t add to your stress its fine. Remember that it is important to feel awesome, pampered and relaxed for those few moments so that you can continue, begin or wind with your day, depending on which hour you set ‘me time’ aside.

Taking care of you, relaxing aren’t luxuries as we make them appear to be. These are just necessary breaks important to calm your over exhausted brains. This will help you calm down, make you less irritated and take better decisions. As superficial and insignificant as it sounds its just the truth. And you need to be a CEO of a Multinational company to take some time out. Even a housewife or a college student deserves to take out time for themselves. Taking time for self has nothing to do with your societal status, your earning or your gender. It all depends on how much you love yourself and the extend you are ready to preserve your sanity.

In this busy word everyone is striving to achieve countless goals, to make a mark and do better then just surviving. In this hustle if you can love yourself without any guilt, make you your own priority you will earn an edge on happiness over your counterparts.


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