24 Things I learnt in 24years…….


Tomorrow is my birthday and I still cant believe that I will be 24 years. Its not a big number but I have grown as a person, made mistakes and learnt about my strengths and discovered my weaknesses in these years. And here I am to share 24 random things I have learnt in my nutshell life of 24 years….

1)It is important to always stay happy because happiness does attract more of it.

2) Taking care of yourself is important because nobody else will.

3)It is okay to miss out the fun happening on social media.

4)When you are doing something right, it doesn’t matter if you are working all alone against a team.

5)Loving animals is therapeutic

6)Its okay not to married at 24 even if the rest of your world expects you to be

7)Working continuously towards your goal counts, even if going gets hard

8)People will not always like you, so it isn’t worthy to take pains to be likable

9)It is important to trust yourself even when nobody does

10)It is important not to be jealous because it directs your energy into nothingness

11)Time is always moving forward so it is important not to waste any of it on the past

12) On your way you will  meet good as well as bad people but remember that both play a crucial role in molding your life

13) Size of the car doesn’t determine success

14) Helping without expectations bring greater sense of satisfaction

15) It is okay to lose but not get lost in the competition

16)Sometimes its okay to seat quiet and do nothing

17)Not everybody understands your journey

18) Not to worry about future

19)It is important to take care of your body as it is aging as well

20)Comparison can fill you with bitterness

21)Make more memories

22)Taking risks ensures better results

23)To trust even if you were betrayed

24)To remember that though you are getting old you still have a life ahead.


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