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Kitty who sucks his tail

IMG_20160825_194430A stray cat who I regularly fed had given birth in our backyard. We liked having them around but never thought of making these kitties indoor pets. But one fine morning we woke up to the horror of dead cats  in our backyard. For a second we didn’t know what to do or what had happened! But when we did calm down we realised that one kitten was missing. We scanned the front-yard, garage and every possible place a kitten could hide in or fit into. But she was nowhere to be found.. I wondered how dead in sleep we were not to hear their squeaks!

With teary eyes I stepped to get indoors when rustling leaves caught my attention. I looked around to find nothing. As I walked away something passed by me speedily. My heart knew what it was but I really wanted to confirm. Yup it was the missing kitten. I screamed out aloud to draw my parents attention.

‘Get him in’ Yelled my mom from the backdoor.

But this guy was tricky to get hands on. He was wimpy, always out of reach and less social. After couple of tries I gave up but it also didn’t seem safe to leave him behind. Couple tries later managed to scoot in through the back door in the kitchen with him. Much to my parents dismay and reluctance we had to adopt Mushi( My Cat) and make him an indoor kitty. Probably all of us were in shock and filled to the brim with guilt.

Initial stay with him wasn’t all cool. I love cats and I have had some of them as pets in the past but this guy was different.  To give you context he spent his first four nights under the couch. We had to push the plate with cat food at one end of the couch and a litter box on the other. Yup, he was potty trained. Gradually he started getting across the living room but he walked only under the roof, be it the couch, centre table or the divan. Cuddling or touching was not even an option.

Slowly he settled in. But he was unlike other cats. He wouldn’t allow us to pet him, food or even fish wouldn’t excite him(prawns were an exception though), every cat toy was a nuisance, insects not really grabbed his attention and he would even refuse to sniff milk

Couple of months later I discovered some strange things. Right before his sleep time he would run to the room which had a lazy bag, climb right in the centre, curl up and suck his tail. When he did it the first time I thought I had just caught him in action but this became habitual. I found him do this couple of times every single day and purr like crazy cat. I laughed it out the first few times but two months later his habit concerned me. His tail at the bottom was loosing hair and was getting thinner. I was scared that he would rip his skin off. Like good parents we tried breaking the habit but the harder we tried the worse it got.  So eventually we just gave up.

Six months later during our evening playtime in the garden he was attacked by a stray male cat. He ran for his life but within seconds was out of my sight. We searched high and low but he was nowhere to be found. We knew we had lost him because we had never let him out on his own even for a couple of minutes. That night was the hardest to sleep.  The next day I woke up in the dark at the knock of the door. It was mom. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wake up to death sight again. But I walked down to this guy who was  running towards me. He was dirty, hungry and his tail was not sucked on. He immediately demanded to be fed, licked himself clean and ran to his lazy bag to suck his tail and slept in peace.


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