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Reuse old candles DIY

Reuse your old Candles


Any candle lovers out there??

The ones whose  answer is yes will find this blog post somewhat useful.  And not just the candle lovers but also to everyone who loves to create, learn to make DIY’s and to every single person who has piles of half burnt candles from festive season(Half burnt candles aren’t really attractive! Are they?)

With no hard work or burn in your pockets you can now revamp your old dusty, used, crippy  looking candles to make new ones. All you will need is ,

  • Old Candles
  • Old glasses (Heat proof, Macon jars will do or you can even use the same container the candle came in)
  • Wick (If cant buy a new one use the leftover of your old candles)
  • Crayon/Food Colouring(Optional)
  • Decorative Flowers or Stones (Optional)
  • Scent(Optional)


1)Scrap the Candle wax of your existing candles and transfer it into a microwave safe bowl.  You can also do this procedure on electric cooktop or gas top. This is the time when you can add colour of your choice and make them look as per your preference. So grab a piece of your crayon or food colouring(anything you wish to use) and mix well.

In one bowl I have taken plane wax and in another i have added purple crayon.

2) As the wax melts you can prepare the glass or containers to wish to make the candle in. With the help of double sided tape stick the wick to the bottom of the glass (anything that you will be using).

The white of is from an old candle and the other is a new one. I have used both and they worked exceptionally well.

3)You can add stones, wax scrapes, flower petals, coffee beans, shells and decorate it as preference.

4) Once you are do with the decoration pour the melted wax in your container. (In case you are using flowers or anything that is delicate than let the wax cool a little bit before pouring in the container. But do complete the procedure before the wax hardens)


5)Let the mixture cool and you will have your beautiful candles ready. If you want to make layers with different colours than let the first layer cool down before pouring the second colour, if not the colours will mix together resulting in unpleasant colour. You can also decorate the jars or containers  to make it appear a little fancy.


Do try out and let me know your results…..Bye


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