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Happiness or Success


From the early years we teach our kids to have a goal and strive to attain it with hard work and ultimately reach the point of happiness on attainment of success. But are these two terms complementary or us as humans have made it seem like. Accomplishing tasks does make one feel joyous but do we really need attainment of goals as a reason to be happy? Isn’t happiness a state of mind which need not be determined by any event of our life?

Unfortunately we have mixed the two terms and as a result we get messed up result. We have begun to quantify success with money and materialistic possession and measure our happiness on the basis of wealth we make. If monetary success was the key to happiness then the rich and successful would have never be depressed, would have never worried about failure and wouldn’t have given a damn of doing philanthropic work.

Do not confuse being happy with success you have attained. Be happy, love what you do and if you don’t then begin doing it. Your happiness will lead you towards a path which will be fulfilling and satisfying.


3 thoughts on “Happiness or Success”

  1. its true achieving something gives happiness but that does not mean those who have not attained are not living a happy life. Happiness varies from person to person… or better to say how we perceive happiness…
    Very nice post… Liked it… 🙂

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