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Getting married or staying married


Getting married is considered a significant step in every persons life. The day where a relationship is honored, celebrated and rejoiced. A wedding ceremony brings together forgotten friends, introduces two families and is the reason for joyous environment.

But over the course of time getting married and shelling out a major chunk of savings seems to have gained a lot more importance. Its all turned to putting at display the best. Everybody prefers customized outfits, decors and every details of the event. As a result getting married seems to have become a little stressful as one wants to surpass the expectation of their guests. And the baggage of fancy weddings is borne by the couple.

Unfortunately weddings get so much attention that we forget the importance of staying happily married. Abusive relations, reluctant togetherness and divorces have become the trend post the magnificent celebration. Somewhere down the line we have forgotten the need to celebrate a relation and have substituted it with expectations, greed and wanting to be talk of the town.


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