And for some reason I feel proud


I have always loved animals even though often I was scared of them. I had soft spot for not only my pets but the stray dogs and cats and the visiting birds. Their loyalty and affection often amazed me. I never understood what attracted towards them but when i petted one of them or fed them i always felt at peace.

Over period of five years i feed couple of stray cats and dogs, ensured the birds had fresh water at disposal and once in a while fed the monkeys. I felt it was sufficient. I never gave a thought to their requirements.

Couple of months ago a female dog arrived with her six pups in my neighborhood. I got all excited for no reason and remained in awe of the mother dog. As days passed i saw her struggle through looking after her pups and finding shelter in the rains. I kept a watch, fed her once in while but didnt do anything concrete to help her. I felt helpless as it didnt practical to open doors of my house to her.

Days passed and gradually the family of six reduced down to two. She had lost her pups as she was unable to fend them in unsheltered environment. I felt sad but i was happy as i found it convenient to feed two lives instead of six. Months passed and continued with my feeding routine. But i spared more time apart from feeding her the meals. Now she wiggled her tail when she saw me, slept outside our gates whenever i took a stroll in my lawns.

Things were smooth until one fine day she turned up with eight tiny pups at my gate. My parents were furious as looking after all of them didnt seem feasible for my family but abandoning didnt seem right either. I continued feeding despite the pinch we felt in our pocket. But things got bizarre when the pup from the earlier slot gave birth to three more pups.

It was high time that i took action as within a year the family of two had grown to thirteen. To give you context i live in India. We do have NGO’s that work towards rescuing strays and making their lives. But the commoners do not necessarily take much interest in taking responsibility of  stray animals. A small section does but we still lack facilities, volunteers and infrastructure to look after them. Concept of spay and neuter isnt very common and when going gets hard a bunch of people dump the dogs in some unknown deserted area. I didnt really find it to be a suitable solution.

I used the internet to my advantage and scrolled through whatever help i could. I came across an NGO that sterilized animals free of cost. I made my list of calls and messages and got on board the people in charge to help me out. They were genuine and helpful. My only task was to trap these dogs before arrival of the team of rescuers.

I managed to trap the dogs in my garage, which included 8 pups and the mother dog. It wasnt all easy to keep all of them calm until the arrival of the team. But i knew i had to be patient. Luckily my effort paid its due as the team successfully managed to trap the dogs, they were sterilized and released back.  I tried my best to get them adopted but no one was willing to adopt local breed.

I am really happy with the successful sterilization  but it would have been better if these fury babies had got  a permanent secured house instead of wandering on the streets.


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