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Era of social media and smart phones

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Gone are the days when we grumpily greeted a new morning at the rays of sunlight, chirping birds, morning hugs and monotonous morning alarm clock ring. We still wake up grouchily after hitting the snooze button endless number of times but the rest of our steps have been substituted by technology. Now a days the first thing that most of us do is to scroll through the phone to catch up on things we missed while asleep. The relevance of a watsapp message and e-mail seems to have overtaken the importance of people who surrounds us, who sleep and wake up with us. Surprisingly we greet beginning of a new day with our families with texts instead of verbal talk, irrespective of their physical presence.

One cannot deny the importance of internet and smart phone in our day today functioning. But is it really making us work, be in touch with our families and friends and make our lives convenient or is it eating our time without our knowledge. It is nice to be in touch with long lost friend, get work done without physical presence, make online payments, watch a movie without being at the theatre but does all of this not come at cost? It does the good work and helps us but how many of us not use phones to pass our time or avoid any task! Half an hour without Wi-Fi seems like a punishment and lack of connectivity seems even worse.

What’s the point of stalking an old school friend on social media , jotting down their every move, comparing their life with your misery and naming the envy as friendship! How is it going to help you build social circle or have that special friend if you simply scroll through and do not really contribute to build a tie. Instead of tracking your kids life through a photograph posted on internet doesn’t it make more sense to be with your child and make those memorable moments yourself?

Unfortunately we  have fallen at the bait of social media and smart phones and the regretful part is that we are aware of the trap and yet we have surrendered to it. We have summed our life to number of like, shares and comments and graded it on the basis of other persons perspective of ours. It has created a sense of unseen competition which has no endpoint. We want to be better with the pictures we post, clothes we wear, places we visit. We just want to satisfy our inner thirst of wanting to be  talk of the town.

Access to endless videos and data has stolen our family moments and our innocence. We watch vlogs, follow celebrity lives, keep track of latest trends and ultimately aim to become their shadow. This scrolling amounts to waste of precious time in spite of being aware. Even though this technology has connected us across borders and shortened the geographical area it has widened the distance between near dear ones.


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