Nurture your goal

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We as individuals have a goal in life. It’s good to have one. It decides the purpose of your existence. But failure to achieve it ,or diversification from the  laid down plan does not make life unfair. You don’t have to label you self as a loser. Plans change and they change for the better. It gives you an opportunity to decide what you really desire. Your goals may not be appealing to the society. They are yours so they should be appealing to you Be fair to you self than life will be fair to you. It’s your life. You are the one who makes it or brakes it. Don’t live it for anybody else. Be your own creator . Don’t care what others think about your dream .It’s yours. Protect it ,nurture it. It will take time ,test your patience ,break you, will be painful but when you accomplish it will be the best thing that has ever happened.


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