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Work Bully


Step into adulthood opens the flap to the so termed factual humankind which is malicious and brutal if I ought to be forthright and candid. The gateway in there is fenced high with welcoming mats replaced by not again! The vindictiveness level has raised its bar to an extend where the sensitive and weak may find the new world discomforting . The primary sufferers who now have ranked their spot with upward movement have turned stone hearted and target the fresher’s, welcoming with thorny and bumpy passage. Being bullied isn’t a rare phenomena and college ragging is replaced with harsh and unknown statements.

Colleagues can never be your friend as they secure place of your competitor. Here relations are temporary. At pass of wind fragile thread will snap its tie and leave your shoulder from the hold up. Don’t upkeep the reliance until you are pushed till the bottom.

Never commit the crime of letting out secrets. It will be the heinous crime you ever committed. The thread of your dialogue with your mate will be stretched to a degree that it will loose its initial perspective and the next time you hear it you will wonder if you ever said it.

If you are well turned-out or in some cases slow ,than you will be topic of discussion. Hard to swallow initially but one can ignore ,pass off and be proud of the fact that you are keeping useless bunch of jerks busy and secondly you are worth being spared of few precious minutes upon. Lucky you.

Your slightest blunder will be treated as a crime and the times you will be mocked and reminded over the subject will ruin your senses.  Sadly true but unavoidable. Your mistake is opportunity for the other to rule on your behalf and live life king size at workplace.

No matter which position your colleague works if he is your senior than you are just a peon, not in reality but in his eyes. Your worth will be degraded to a level where you would find yourself being told to work on matters you aren’t employed for and that sucks the most as you end up being helpless.

A smart, stunning and rich kid always exist who boast upon  his/her skills and knows nothing than showing off his/her abilities where as kid who pretend to know nothing  yet knowledgeable also prevails at same work place.

Such is work life where one needs to alter ones functioning in order to settle among the crowd as you are always at fault though you never commit any blunder. No one is affectionate of hardworking genuine and truthful member of staff nor is anybody interested in work. You will never be appreciated, agreed upon and praised but that need not stop you from gaining experience in tough work life. Lessons of life experienced at work place will either turn you into a brute like your contemporaries or make you an enhanced individual.


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