And they attested me incorrect

Rejuvinating Life

I lay on the bed with eyes open in the dark. The alarm rang, birds chirruped announcing arrival of a new day. I lay all through the night without any traces of sleep. For possibly the first time chirruping of birds sounded unpleasant. Though I wasn’t sleepy my mind refused to make move downstairs. I was preoccupied with too many unpleasant thoughts. I wish I could just put them to an end with switch off button. But my mind didn’t have any.

I mastered courage to face the day. As I headed to the living room I sighted my granddad who was seating with the phone in his hand. I glared at him from a distance. If I was in such a mess, I couldn’t even envisage his level of anxiety and worry. I congregated valor ,affixed my lips into a semi circle ,cleared my throat and headed in his…

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First car

Brightness of clear sky was fading away with ticking time, bustle of crowd was slowing down, chilly winds were catching pace but unluckily Rohan was nowhere to be seen. It was past seven in the evening. Amita walked up and down the pavement with teary eyes and overflowing wrath. ‘Where the hell were you Rohan?… Continue reading First car