The blank canvas

      Daybreak or  dark The blank canvas questions Why it wasn’t filled up Times I picked up the paint brush They would seethe without any display Alarming that it is not the right stage   Finally the day my eyes caught his I knew exactly what the canvas seeked My fingers inevitably stirred… Continue reading The blank canvas


Be your self ……

In highly competitive and progressive environment we tend to loose our identity while we try to please the ones we meet on our journey. We pretend to be someone we aren't and be glad when accepted with our facade. But we are never good for everyone we meet and encounter. So is it worthwhile to… Continue reading Be your self ……

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Miracles just don’t happen, you gotta make them happen

We admire success of others. We wish to be like them, some day. Our eyes cant let go their possessions. We wonder which magic spell they threw to get reach where they currently stand. We want the magic portion because we want to stand taller then they currently do. Success is not result of magic… Continue reading Miracles just don’t happen, you gotta make them happen


She made me blush

Rejuvinating Life


After a decade on foreign land we were finally moving back to our country. My wife was pregnant. She wanted to be with the family and rejoice her glee at her dwelling. Though we took pleasure of liberty on this soil for ten years our heart still lay on our homeland. We were busy getting our belongings bundled to reallocate along with us. In midst of anarchy my wife got her hand over old personal diary of mine which had some hidden and personal memories accompanied with some photographs. I was unsure if it was appropriate time to let her read my past. Though she was dear to me and I being madly in love with her I wasn’t sure how she would process the data ,which currently was present in her hands.

‘You personal diary is it?’ She asked.

‘Yes. Are you sure you want to read it Era?’…

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Let It Go

There is a time when time stays still. Ticking of seconds measure to be hours. A place, an activity , person that brought joy no longer hold importance. And that is the time we got to make decisions and decide good for ourselves. Time can either evolve us to be better than we were or… Continue reading Let It Go