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How does one decide on groom?

Who defined the rules of marriage? Who commenced with castes ? Do they even matter? What possibly could happen if one steps outside the caste allotted to us apart from human rage? Do we need to find caste before we associate with a guy? Or do our parents have issue if we decide one for… Continue reading How does one decide on groom?


Fortified the Feeble

Rejuvinating Life


With grace of god we today lucratively complete one year. Span of three sixty five days that revolutionized my life perpetually and I hope optimistically will persist with flourishing incline. A year where I discovered my level of budding, I exploited the reserve unused from the day I incepted, a year that authenticated my hard work and where testimony of love was confirmed. Today I stand with happiness in my heart and smile on my lips as I see the members of my fitness center applaud me and my wife on our successful completion and commendable service.

I was fifteen when I first saw Willow. She was among rare cases for change in school in the middle of final year at high school. She had lost her dad a week ago in a car mishap which forced her mom to budge away from the city, as she was unable to…

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