It’s been more than twelve years today. The day he decided to leave without a goodbye. Without informing his safe return back home. The day he vowed never to smile, never to open his eyes and to keep mum. The day when my evening walks came to halt, my companion on way home from school… Continue reading Grandad


She was rich once today I am

With a stack of books in my arms I passed through the girls college hangout. And there she was. The girl of my dream ,soul of this place, heart beat of every guy in the college. Katya was a twenty one year old architecture student and I Viyan was the cleaner of the college in… Continue reading She was rich once today I am

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Be the creator and not at mercy of your boss.

Be the creator and not at mercy of your boss. Are you blissful with your current employment? Ya? Really?? You never make pretext to omit work? Lucky people. But in reality mass of the populace employed abhorrence’s their workplace. It’s depressing but factual .They continue since every month their account is credited with adequate sum… Continue reading Be the creator and not at mercy of your boss.

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And they attested me incorrect

I lay on the bed with eyes open in the dark. The alarm rang, birds chirruped announcing arrival of a new day. I lay all through the night without any traces of sleep. For possibly the first time chirruping of birds sounded unpleasant. Though I wasn’t sleepy my mind refused to make move downstairs. I… Continue reading And they attested me incorrect